Engineered Timber Beams

Don’t want to use steel in your next job? Like the look of Timber? Why not use a Timber Beam? In a lot of design instances timber beams can be substituted in place of steel which enables faster onsite build times.

The timber beams we supply come in a range of different styles & treatment levels depending on the application and look you’re after.

We design, certify and supply a large range of timber beams as listed below:

  • GL17 Pine (Cambered & Straight)
  • GL17R Pine  – Reinforced Steel Timber Beam (Cambered & Straight)
  • GL18 Vic Ash Hardwood (Cambered & Straight)
  • GL21 Mix Qld Hardwood (Cambered & Straight)
  • LVL E13 & E14
  • Oregon
  • K.D.H.W
  • Cypress

Structural Timber Beams can be used in many applications; Floor Beams, Ridge Beams, Pitching Beams, Large Window/Door Lintels, Hanging Beams, Strutting Beams, Feature Exposed Rafters.