The Truss Joint Products

Feature Exposed Roof Trusses

Architectural timber roof trusses create strong visual impact.

Often used as part of ‘cathedral ceiling’ systems, timber can be specified light or heavy to suit the chosen theme and style.

Prefabricated Roof Trusses

Building a new house or renovating an old one, using the latest Mitek Software we design & engineer every truss layout with precision.

Posi Strut Floor Trusses

Posi Strut Floor Trusses are a made to order parallel chorded truss commonly used as floor joists. They provide
an economical and high quality floor structure which is easily assembled.

Engineered Timber Beams

Don’t want to use steel in your next job? Like the look of Timber? Why not use a Timber Beam? In a lot of design instances timber beams can be substituted in place of steel which enables faster onsite build times.

Timber Portal Framed Sheds

Using sustainable materials a Timber Framed Portal Shed could be the answer for your next commercial shed build.

Design Services

Using the latest software available our in house design team at Truss Joint & Wall Engineered Timber Products can offer a range of design services to Builders, Designers, Owner Builder &, Engineers .