As part of the Wallace E.T.P side of our business we realise there is more than one way to build the same thing. Our sub floor designs using HyJoists & LVL Bearers are a high performing floor system with outstanding insulation values when combined with Foilboard Insulation. HyJoists span greater distances than conventional MGP timber which allows for less bearers being required and in turn requires less stump holes.

Because HyJoists are an engineered and manufactured product they are available in lengths up to 12m. This allows for fast installation on site as there are minimal to no joins required.

Don't let the myth of 'Timber Floors Bounce' deter you from this method of construction. Using engineered timber products we can produce a more rigid floor system that will satisfy the fussiest of builders. We design all our subfloors with minimal Dynamic Deflection or ‘Floor Bounce’ and will not comprise performance for price.

HyJoists come in the following sizes:


200mm, 240mm, 300mm, 360mm & 400mm


45mm, 63mm & 90mm


*All of our Subfloor designs come certified for your Building Permit & Surveyor.